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It can be baffling, can’t it? There’s lots of information out there about yoga, but finding something that is specifically tailored for men can be a bit difficult. That’s where this site comes in – it has a 100% focus on yoga for guys.

Here you’ll find down-to-earth, real-world answers to some of the questions we’ve all had at times.

Questions like…

Yoga – A Holistic Approach To Life

Yoga is a complete approach to life, from looking after the physical, to boosting the mental and the spiritual aspects of ourselves.

These time-tested practices have survived for thousands of years because they work. And, ancient as they are, they offer the perfect solution to many of the stresses and challenges we face in our busy 21st century lives.

My name is Mahadeva Ishaya, and I’m a yoga and meditation teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m going to guide you through yoga positions for beginners, meditation, diet, and also help you find the right equipment to make your practice fun and enjoyable.

I’m committed to helping you find the answers that are right for you. So, whether you are a seasoned practitioner or the new guy on the block,you’ll find what you’re looking for at EssentialYogaForMen.com

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