Drinking Your Own Urine – Amaroli (Urine Therapy)

Drinking your own urine is a time-tested tradition in various alternative schools of medicine. How safe is the practice? What are the various health benefits? Is it actually effective? Let’s look at these questions and more, as we focus on urine therapy as it is practiced in the ancient Indian science of healing – Ayurveda.

Drinking Your Own Urine – Ancient Heritage

Drinking Your Own UrineDrinking your own urine has been an established therapy in various streams of alternative medicine and has been practiced by various cultures for several thousand years.

Indeed, even a cursory look at the history of alternative medicine will reveal the deep-rooted nature of this practice. French aristocratic women in the 17th century bathed in urine to beautify their skin, for instance, and the ancient Gauls used it to whiten their teeth.

The health benefits of drinking your own urine have been particularly well documented in Yoga and the ancient Indian science/art of healing, Ayurveda.


In the Ayurvedic tradition, urine therapy is called Amaroli and it is considered more than a mere healing tool; there is a whole body of literature and an entire tradition devoted to it.

In the Yogic tradition, drinking your own urine was first practiced because of the need to maintain the digestive system during long hours of meditation. The ancient Indian ‘yogis’ (religious men) spent hours and days meditating. The practice of amaroli, thus, provided them with a means to maintain their digestive system and regulate body temperature. Over time, as the health benefits of the practice became more evident, its influence spread.

Even today in modern India you will come across Urine Treatment Centres and Urine Therapy Doctors offering it for an enormous range of health conditions.

There are a number of ways you can use your urine – from gargling, massaging and rubbing as well as drinking. If you want to investigate the subject in more depth I would recommend you get a copy of The Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy by Coen van der Kroon which is the best book I’ve come across on the topic. You can get it directly from amazon.com

Practical Urine Therapy

As therapies go, this one is pretty simple. If you reckon you are going to pee for about 15 seconds let the first 5 go by and collect the second 5 seconds worth before finishing off. Then drink what you have collected – hot or cold, the choice is yours. Some reckon leaving it in a dark bottle for a day or two helps develop its therapeutic potency. Generally it’s best to use the first urine of the day.

The biggest impediment to drinking your own urine is normally the mind, and the sense of revulsion which can arise, largely from ideas that it is dirty, or from the unfamiliar smell. I got round this when doing it by mixing my pee with apple juice. This made it slightly less intimidating. The taste is soon aquired. Doubt it? Well, do you remember just how horrible your first beer tasted?

If you live on a diet of burgers and coke then your pee will stink. The more natural and unprocessed your diet the more palatable will be the taste and smell.

Scientifically, urine is 95% water while the rest is made up of a number of substances such as calcium, urea, hormones, proteins, etc. Urine contains various hormones, some of which are vital for the health of the cardiovascular system. The ancient Indian yogis and practitioners of Ayurveda were aware of this and attributed their superior cardiovascular health in part to the practice of amaroli.

Drinking Your Own Urine – Cancer Treatment

Urine has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties and has successfully been used by many to treat a host of conditions including treating cancer. Urine therapy has been used to beat drug addiction, to help with wound healing and as a general tonic for the immune system.

It’s ability to heal scars and skin conditions is legendary (SIDE NOTE: Look at the ingredients of many fancy skin creams and you will see “Urea” – pee). Urine therapy for acne is quite popular as a practice and its benefits have been well documented. Drinking urine has the same effect: it keeps your skin healthy by hydrating it and supplying your body with lost proteins and essential nutrients

The ancient Indian yogis practiced amaroli to boost their immune system. A completely sterile environment can weaken the immune system by reducing the number of antibodies available to fight diseases. The practice of drinking your own urine can support the immune system and prime it for any serious outside threat.


Drinking your own urine is medically safe. As urine is made up of almost 95% water, it can be easily processed by the body. Whatever ‘waste’ elements might find their way into urine can be easily discarded by the body, provided you keep it well hydrated by drinking enough water.

Drinking your own urine, especially as it is practised in the Ayurvedic tradition (‘amaroli’) should be accompanied by a healthy diet and, if possible, a good yoga routine. This can lead to all round benefits that can supercharge your health and heal your body holistically.

Find out more about drinking your own urine from Wikipedia

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