Here’s an interesting video from a guy I respect a lot, Dr Joseph Mercola. He talks about the importance of ejaculation for prostate health, as well as the benefits of getting enough Vitamin D, ideally through sun exposure, and nutritional recommendations.

As he says,

“By age 60, as many as 90% of American men may have less-than-optimal health in this area.

Prostate health is widely-realized to be important for men 50 and over, but in recent years, the importance of prostate health to men in their 30s and 40s has become more widely known. Some factors known to affect prostate health include diet and environmental factors.

Seem like something you should ignore?

Obviously not… and chances are fairly high that as a man, you’ll need extra support in this area of your body during your lifetime.”

Check out the video. It contains some very important information.

Source: Youtube

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