DDP Yoga is a powerful, intense cardio workout based around yoga moves. It’s not everyone’s favorite, particularly with the colorful front-man Diamond Dallas Page, but it certainly gets results, as you can see from the amazing video below.

DDP Yoga is named after Diamond Dallas Page, an ex-professional wrestler who after years of punishment ended up with a career-threatening injury.

Looking to overcome his physical problems he investigated a number of options, including (reluctantly) yoga. He got immediate benefit but he felt something was missing.

So, the hybrid exercise regime that has become DDP Yoga was born, combining yoga moves with strength conditioning, Pilates and mixed martial arts. Originally it was marketed under the name of YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys)

DDP YogaAfter regularly following this workout regime Page was able to get back into the ring (something his doctor has said would never happen) and eventually went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship Title, which he successfully defended for a number of years in his 40s.

DDP Yoga – Intense, Intense, Intense

Don’t expect to be sitting and finding inner peace through this regime. It’s about intensity and working your butt off.

Having said that, if this gets you off the couch and improves your health then that can’t be bad. It comes in a series of dvds and includes an eating plan to help you get maximum benefit.

If you’re looking for something challenging, fun and effective or are just curious then check out the videos and testimonials on his site by clicking on the image to the right.

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