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Yoga provides a series of exercises to lose weight quickly whilst giving you peace of mind and reduced stress. Using yoga to lose weight is a safe alternative to slimming pills and extreme dietary regimes.

Yoga Exercises To Lose Weight QuicklyOK, So you’re going on holiday to the beach and figure that beer belly isn’t showing you at your best. Or perhaps you want to squeeze back into that great suit for your brother’s wedding. Or maybe you have had a health scare and know that now is the time for those excess pounds and kilos to go. You want some help losing weight. The good news is that mens’ weight loss can be fun with the yoga approach.

The first thing you want to figure out is how much time you can commit per week. If you’re looking for fast results then then you will probably have to practice yoga 4 or 5 times per week. In addition, following the guidelines on yoga diet will help enormously with the process.

Yoga Exercises to Lose Weight quickly

By regularly doing yoga your body will start to reshape itself anyway, becoming more balanced and toned. But if you are looking for results over the period of a few weeks then you need to shorten that process by working with a bit more intensity in your practice.

There are two ways of doing this – slow and intense yoga, and more vigorous yoga.

Slow and Intense Yoga

Find a balanced routine and to maintain the postures for longer periods of time. By relaxing deeper into the poses for a few minutes then the muscles that do the work in those poses are strengthened.

Even though it may seem like not very much is happening by looking at you, by the end of your session you will feel the difference, and very quickly begin to notice the differences in the firmness and strength of those muscles.

It is important when using yoga to lose weight (or in any circumstances) that the routine you use is properly structured. Don’t just concentrate on specific parts of your body. Balance is everything in yoga, and is part of the recipe for a happy and healthy life. The yoga positions for beginners routine is a good starting point.

More Vigorous Yoga

The second option when it comes to yoga exercises to lose weight quickly is to choose one of the more vigorous styles of hatha yoga. Astanga yoga, Bikram yoga and Power yoga are among the names to look out for. These classes will get your heart-rate up, get the sweat flowing and certainly start the weight falling-off. They are a lot of fun too.

Find a teacher you connect with. One thing to remember is that brutality and forcing isn’t necessary. This isn’t some 80s personal fitness, feel the burn, stuff. This is a time-tested system that works magically with the human body and mind. Make sure your teacher understands this. It may not seem important now, but what yoga can offer you is something way more that just losing weight.

But right now you want to lose weight (and fast!), so make sure you get on the mat about 4 times per week and the results will follow.

Can’t find a local class? There a loads of dvds available. I would give a big recommendation to Bryan Kest Power Yoga by Bryan Kest which has three challenging routines on it. You can get it at amazon

Yoga breathing for weight loss

This may sound a bit strange, but yoga breathing also plays an important part in reducing weight. By ensuring a high supply of oxygen in the body then the combustion of foods is more efficient, ensuring less is left in the body. Not only does this help you lose weight, it also stops the body being poisoned by undigested wastes.


So, yoga exercises to lose weight quickly would be a series that is slow but holds for a long time, or a more vigorous style of yoga. However be sure to follow the advice on yoga diet. Let me know how you get on.

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