Yoga as a Natural Impotence Cure

Fixing erectile dysfunction quickly with yoga can help cure stress and performance anxiety impotence, boosting your confidence and enhancing your relationships.

It’s one of the worst feelings a man can have. You are with your partner and for whatever reason your penis isn’t doing what you want of it. It won’t get hard, it won’t get hard enough, you find it difficult to maintain your erection.

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction with YogaAnd despite the understanding words of your lover the chances are when it comes to the next time you have sex the pressure will be on. “Please, let everything be ok.”

Most guys have had this experience at some time and it can be caused by a number of factors. Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction are; smoking, drug use, obesity, diabetes , alcohol consumption, lack of energy, surgery, lack of desire, poor circulation, stress, “performance anxiety” impotence, and tiredness

No matter what the age of the man these problems can strike. The good news is that if you’ve been coping with erectile dysfunction then yoga can be a great natural impotence cure. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer…

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction with Yoga postures

The yoga asanas offer a great remedy for erectile dysfunction in that they help rid the body of toxins and impurities and very quickly improve circulation, particularly important to allow blood to flow to your genital area.

Another benefit is that they improve the levels of vitality in your body, not only banishing fatigue, but helping to create greater levels of prana (life-force energy) enabling you to have more energy and power at your disposal. (Incidentally, the greater the level of vital force in your body the more healthy your individual sperm are).

Regular practice of yoga also helps you develop better body-awareness, so you can listen to your body and know how to respond to it.

If you are new to yoga you can follow the beginners routine and this will quickly help you. If you prefer working along with some audio instruction then you can check out the review of the yoga for runners mp3 which will give you an effective 30 minute routine to follow. It has lots of photographs with it which will help you.

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction with Yoga breathing

When you get excited or anxious your breathing changes. It tends to get quicker, shallower and more in and out of the chest. Learning breathing techniques helps keep you centered, calm and aware, allowing your body and mind to function better.

Doing this needn’t be intrusive and your partner may not even know what you are doing, but they will enjoy the results.

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction with Meditation

Huh? Start meditating during sex? Don’t worry, this is all about awareness and noticing the tricks your mind is playing with you, although there are some meditation techniques that can be used with opened eyes when you are active.

The number one source of erection problems is not actually in your friend down-below, but in between your ears. The incessant thoughts, internal dialogues, and self-judgement do more to kill your abilities, and stop the experience being beautiful and natural, than anything else.

Having an effective meditation technique allows you make some distance between you and your thoughts. This frees you from responding to the content of your mind and means that your body is not undermined by doubt or pressure.

I can personally testify to just how valuable this is, and how wonderful it is to be able to detach from those little internal voices that can occasionally pop into the head.

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction with Natural Remedies

The pharmaceutical industry would have you believe that you should be popping their pills as a means of coping with erectile dysfunction. Whilst it is true that many men have enjoyed the benefits of using their products, there is growing concern over the potential side effects associated with their regular use.

Also, more and more men are looking for natural solutions. The good news is that because this is not a purely modern problem there are very ancient answers, and the science of Ayurveda came up with the natural solutions many thousands of years ago, using combinations of plants and herbs.

If this is a path you wish to investigate then Kama Raja offers a formula to enhance male sexual function. Check it out here


The main thing to take from the information on this page is that there is no need to suffer with this problem, and that fixing erectile dysfunction may be quicker and easier than you ever thought. Although no guarantee can be given as to how yoga is going to help you, the fact remains that this system has survived and thrived for thousands of years because it does work in so many areas of our lives.

My recommendation would be to begin as soon as possible and explore what yoga has to offer you. The benefits of beginning are numerous and by regularly practicing yoga and meditation you develop a different, (typically more positive), perspective on your life and any challenges you face.

Further This on-line resource, exclusively about erectile dysfunction, covers a wide area in terms of re-gaining control of your erections, sex life and confidence. With the right erectile dysfunction treatment, fixing erectile dysfunction is simple.

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