Yoga Positions for Beginners Routine

This yoga positions for beginners routine provides a solid, balanced foundation for what will hopefully be years of yoga practice. Starting yoga is truly embarking on what can become an amazing adventure.  What we have here is a sequence of yoga poses for beginners, wich although contains easy yoga poses is nonetheless challenging.

Yoga Positions for BeginnersThe health benefits of yoga flow very quickly when you begin your practice, particularly if it’s done with dedication and consistency.

The following sequence of hatha yoga poses is great if you want to become familiar with some basic yoga positions. Try and do this at least three times per week. Chances are once you get going and start feeling the benefits of doing these yoga postures for beginners you’ll find the motivation, but having a commitment from the outset can be helpful.

Check out our section on yoga equipment to make sure you’ve got the right kit, but basically all you require is a surface to work on that will provide you with a stable foundation.

Yoga Positions for Beginners

Here’s the routine. Try to spend about a minute or so in each pose. Don’t force things, and listen to what you’re body is telling you.  Click on the photographs to learn more about each pose, including instruction and a list of benefits.

Yoga Positions for Beginners - corpse poseCorpse Pose

Gets the body and mind relaxed and prepared for the yoga session ahead.




Yoga Breathing ExercisesYoga Breathing (Pranayama)

Brings balance to the mind and body and helps bring fresh oxygen into the system (choose one or two techniques).




Sun Salutaions - Surya NamaskarSun Salutation

A flowing sequence which stretches the muscles, lengthens and tones and gets the energy moving.



Yoga Pose ShoulderstandShoulderstand

Helps rejuvenate the entire body and brain through changing the influence of gravity.




Yoga Plough PosePlough Pose

Helps stretch the back muscles and release the vertebrae.  As well as a good back stretch this will also help your neck and stomach.




Yoga Fish PoseFish Pose

A wonderful chest-expanding pose.




Yoga Forward Bend PoseForward Bend

Stretch legs and back muscles, and helps reduce fatty deposits.  As you bend forward you help reduce compression in the spine and get some delicious length.




Cobra Pose YogaCobra Pose

Great for toning the abdominal area and helping relieve backache.  Stretch core muscles and help your posture with this pose (great if you spend a lot of time hunched over a computer).




Yoga Locust PoseLocust Pose

Strengthens the lower back and helps firm up the buttocks.




Yoga Camel PoseCamel Pose

An amazing backwards stretch which frees up inner congestion and helps backache.




Yoga Half Spinal Twist PoseHalf-Spinal Twist

Great for the lower back, getting rid of love-handles and toning the abdomen.




Tree Pose YogaTree Pose

Strengthens the leg muscles and helps improve balance and concentration.  One of the classic yoga poses for beginners and experienced yogis alike.




Yoga Triangle PoseTriangle Pose

Gives a great stretch to the spine and the lateral muscles of the trunk. helps the legs too.




Yoga Positions for Beginners - corpse poseCorpse Pose

Back once again to this balancing and relaxing yoga pose.  Time to inhale and exhale naturally and easily as you give your body the opportunity assimilate the benefits of your routine.

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