I was in Spain this summer for a few months and had the joy of meeting up with a long-time friend, Narain Ishaya.

Chit Happens by Narain IshayaNarain is one of the funniest, down-to-earth, Still, and inspiring guys I know.  He is an Ishaya monk, and has dedicated his life to helping others discover inner peace and to realize their Divine nature.

Narain has been working on a book for some time now; one that answers most of the questions that meditation students and spiritual seekers have.

I was fortunate to get a draft copy and was blown away at the clarity, directness, and compassion of what I read (no surprise for those who have heard him teach).

His book is called Chit Happens: A Guide to Discovering Divinity

We filmed this short interview a month or so before his book was published.  The book isn’t for everyone, but if you are committed to your self-realization / waking up/enlightenment (call it what you will), I can guarantee you will find this book eye-opening, and expansive.

It will show you that what many believe to be the hardest journey can actually be the simplest and most joyful.

You can buy the book at amazon.com or amazon.co.uk

You can also check out Narain’s Chit Happens facebook page

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