Ok, men. Yoga might have seemed like something for women but here is a list just for you. No more excuses!

1 Yoga will boost your sex life. Ok, so I used that as an attention grabber, but it worked, and more importantly, it’s true. Regular yoga practice helps with circulation (to all parts of your body) and strengthens the muscles which help maintain an erection. In fact regular practice can help fix erectile dysfunction without having to resort to drugs or surgery. Yoga also gives you more energy and stamina and helps you feel more positive (which is an attractive thing in itself).

& Reasons Men Should Do Yoga2 Yoga helps you feel good about yourself. Regular practice of yoga and meditation eliminates much of the negative mental dialogue most guys have, and builds feelings of appreciation and gratitude. Many men who practise yoga find they have a more positive self-image.

3 Yoga will help you live longer. Oh yes, it’s true. Stress kills us. Most men don’t deal well with stress so by doing yoga regularly you’re already ahead of the game. Yoga also helps with coronary health, ensuring your heart gets a chance to give its best.

4 Yoga will help you with sports. You might not know it, but lots of top sportsmen do yoga. Stars like Wayne Gretzky, Evander Holyfield, Pete Sampras and Ryan Giggs know that yoga keeps them fit, flexible and helps minimize injuries. Sport and yoga go really well together.

5 Yoga helps you get things done. In this age when we are supposed to be multi-taskers the reality for lots of guys is that they feel overwhelmed by too many things. Men, yoga is coming to the rescue again! Yoga helps you develop concentration and focus, and the ability to avoid distractions – essential to increase your efficiency. (Balancing poses are particularly good for this.)

6 Yoga makes you happier. Woohoo! This just gets better and better. Not only does yoga give you more years in your life, but also more life in your years. With better health and a more positive mental frame you’ll approach life with much more enthusiasm. You will benefit and so will your family and those you meet.

7 Yoga helps fulfil your spiritual hunger. Mmmm, not something every guy will own up to, but deep down inside every one of us is a desire to understand ourselves and our place in the Big Picture. Yoga and meditation help reveal the true nature of our being. In fact, this is the ultimate goal of yoga – enlightenment. With the proper commitment and guidance it need not be difficult to live a life of joy, awareness and contentment.

So, men. Yoga gives you all of this and more. What are you waiting for? Get on that mat!.

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