Turning Back The Clock With Yoga

Yoga for seniors? All of our bodies show signs of ageing as the years progress. Hairlines recede, gravity seems to get stronger(!), and it seems that little-by-little things function less efficiently. Whilst some of this may be unavoidable, yoga can help you reverse some of these symptoms and help you maintain what you have.

As the human body grows older, it typically becomes more prone to diseases and ailments, partly as a lifetime of poor diet and misuse finally catches us with us. So the ability to do prolonged and intense physical exercise often reduces and fitness and health suffer. This can start a vicious circle of decline and things get worse and worse.

One of the great things about yoga is that wherever you are in terms of fitness, health or flexibility you can start from there and customize your routines accordingly.

There are special yoga routines designed for older people, keeping in mind their limitations and needs, and likelihood of being less flexible; it is meant to be soft on the joints and muscles, at the same time exercising them. Apart from this, it also reduces chances of getting diabetes, heart disease etc.

Yoga for Seniors – For Mind and Body

Yoga is not simply a form of physical exercise; it combines elements of meditation and exercise together. Not only does it strengthen the body, it also rejuvenates the mind, reducing stress related disorders, helping keep you positive in your outlook. As the incidence of conditions like Alzheimer’s increases, it may be that yoga and meditation can offer some protection against these.

For older men yoga can specifically help with prostate health, bladder problems, and can also give you back some of the vitality that you have lost.

Lack of sleep is a very common problem among older people which often forces them to take sleeping pills. Yoga relaxes the body, both physically and mentally and thus regulates the sleep pattern in an effective manner.

Some of the best results of yoga can be seen in patients with arthritis and osteoporosis (yes, men get this too). Their joints become stronger and more flexible which makes movement easier.

Studies have also shown that yoga can lead to a considerable decline in the fasting blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Similar results have been observed in case of hypertensive patients as regular yoga lead to a decrease in their blood pressure or at least prevented further increase.

Yoga for Seniors – Summary

Thus, yoga for seniors seems to be an ideal prescription, particularly since you can begin regardless of your current fitness level, with a routine designed for your level of flexibility and strength, keeping in mind your overall health goals.

To begin, try to find a local class, or find a dvd that you can follow along with. The important thing is that you get started. Remember, “use it, or lose it“, and with yoga can can perhaps recover some lost ground.

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