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Yoga Swing - Yoga Trapeze

Yoga Swing – Antigravity Inversion Devices

A yoga swing might look very curious and peculiar at first glance. With multiple harnesses and a vaguely hammock-like appearance, it can be easy to dismiss it as a gimmick. However, these strange contraptions have some truly astounding health benefits and can completely eliminate lifelong back and spine problems. Hanging Around On Your Yoga Swing […]

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Yoga Clothes for Men

Yoga Clothes For Men

Your Guide to Yoga Workout Clothing Yoga clothes for men have come a long way in the past few years. Smart designs, good looking and stylish yoga clothing for men has replaced that old pair of shorts and sweatpants as your only choices. One of the great things about yoga is that you really don’t […]

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Yoga Sciatica Stretches

Sciatica Stretches

Ease Sciatic Nerve Pain with Yoga These yoga sciatica stretches can give fast and lasting relief from this painful and annoying condition. Sciatic nerve pain can be really debilitating. Not only is it highly uncomfortable with sharp, shooting pains, but many people find they become very cautious and over-careful in their movements. Fortunately yoga for […]

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Jala Net Pot

Jala Neti

Jala Neti Reduces Asthma, Headaches and Sinus Problems Jala neti is an incredible technique which helps clear the sinuses and helps with breathing difficulties. It also is a great way to prepare for asana and pranayama practice as it removes dust, dirt and mucus from the sinuses and nasal passages so allowing breathing to be […]

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Yoga for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Yoga For Arthritis

Practicing yoga for arthritis relief can give greater mobility, cut pain and help reduce inflammation, as well as combating the stress and weariness of the condition. Combine this with some simple diet and lifestyle guidelines and positive change may be closer than you think. There are around 100 different types of arthritis, ranging from the […]

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How To Prevent Diabetes

How To Prevent Diabetes

If you’re looking at how to prevent diabetes then yoga deserves serious consideration. Through a combination of stretching and stimulating the internal organs, proper breathing, relaxation and diet, yoga has been used by many throughout the world as one of the best natural cures for diabetes. For many men diabetes goes undiagnosed, sometimes only becoming […]

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