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DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga – From Professional Wrestler To Yoga Teacher

DDP Yoga is a powerful, intense cardio workout based around yoga moves. It’s not everyone’s favorite, particularly with the colorful front-man Diamond Dallas Page, but it certainly gets results, as you can see from the amazing video below. DDP Yoga is named after Diamond Dallas Page, an ex-professional wrestler who after years of punishment ended […]

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Yoga Clothes for Men

Yoga Clothes For Men

Your Guide to Yoga Workout Clothing Yoga clothes for men have come a long way in the past few years. Smart designs, good looking and stylish yoga clothing for men has replaced that old pair of shorts and sweatpants as your only choices. One of the great things about yoga is that you really don’t […]

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Natural Prostate Health with Yoga

Natural Prostate Health

Natural prostate health isn’t something that most men consider until things start to go wrong and they are looking at facing surgery or taking pharmaceuticals. Fortunately yoga is an effective and non-invasive natural prostate treatment. The prostate gland adds fluid to your ejaculate which it is believed helps with fertility by keeping your sperm in tip-top condition […]

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Fixing Erectile Dysfunction with Yoga

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga as a Natural Impotence Cure Fixing erectile dysfunction quickly with yoga can help cure stress and performance anxiety impotence, boosting your confidence and enhancing your relationships. It’s one of the worst feelings a man can have. You are with your partner and for whatever reason your penis isn’t doing what you want of it. […]

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& Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

7 Good Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

Ok, men. Yoga might have seemed like something for women but here is a list just for you. No more excuses! 1 Yoga will boost your sex life. Ok, so I used that as an attention grabber, but it worked, and more importantly, it’s true. Regular yoga practice helps with circulation (to all parts of […]

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Yoga For Inflexible People

Yoga For Inflexible People

guest article by Josh Browne Yoga for inflexible people? But I’m too stiff to do yoga! There are many misconceptions about yoga, not the least of which is that it is not meant to be practiced by people who lack flexibility in their bodies. Not surprisingly, this particular misconception has led many to believe that […]

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