Yoga Web Sites

and Others You May Find Of Interest

The following yoga web sites are ones that I can recommend as being interesting and offering something useful. I’ve also included a few non-yoga ones that you might like to visit. (Please note all links open in a new window)


Yoga Dork Blog

One of my favourite yoga sites, Yoga Dork, doesn’t take things too seriously. It keeps an eye on the world of yoga, and offers a great variety of content. Grab a cup of something hot, take ten, and enjoy.


Yoga Body Naturals

The site of yoga teacher, Lucas Rockwood, full of interesting products. I take YogaBody Stretch formula every day and find it amazing for maintaining flexibility and good digestion.

Lucas wrote the YogaBody Handbook, which is a simple and surprisingly effective 15 minute yoga program.

It’s definitely worth taking a look at what this site has to offer.

Free Raw Food Guide

The author of this book, Kevin Gianni, is someone worth listening to. He tells it straight, is pretty entertaining. Even if you’ve never thought about adding more plant-based food to your diet you will find this ebook eye-opening. It was $19.99 on amazon but you can get it for free on this link.


The Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension

This is the meditation method I personally use, and have done so since 1998. I have taught it for a number of years and am always amazed at just how quickly and easily those who learn it experience peace and joy. Classes are taught throughout the world.


Zen Habits

One of my favourites, this blog by Leo Babauta has a wealth of articles to help inspire you to simplify your life. Leo shares his experiences of getting his finances in order, and arranging his life so there is space to breathe. Highly recommended!

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