What Yoga Equipment Do You Really Need?

Mats, clothing, and much, much more. The world of yoga equipment can seem hard to navigate, especially looking for stuff for guys. Let’s take a look at what is on offer.

In essence you don’t actually need anything to practice yoga. It can be done on any level surface – in your garden, at home, in your office. But there are some things which can make your yoga time more enjoyable and rewarding. Here is a quick overview of what to look out for, with more detailed information on individual pages.

Yoga Equipment - MatsYoga Mats

The first, and probably only necessary piece of yoga equipment, is a good yoga mat. There are a confusing number of materials, levels of “stickiness” and thickness available, so help is at hand with our sure-fire guide to the best yoga mat for you.

Yoga Equipment - Mens Yoga ShortsMens’ Yoga Clothing

You might get away with doing yoga in your favourite old boxer shorts in the privacy of your own room, but certainly not at your local yoga class. We all want to look good, and nowadays there are stylish clothing options available for guys.

You also don’t want to squash your assets so we’ve got some invaluable advice about yoga clothes for men

Yoga bricks

Yoga Practice Aids

Another category is the yoga prop. A yoga prop is something that helps support you in a posture, such as a block. It may also be something which helps you get deeper into a posture, like a belt.


Jala Net PotA jala neti pot is something I would strongly recommend every yogi has. Find out how to use this strange looking thing and why doing so will make a big difference to you.

Yoga and Health by Selarajan Yesudian hatha yoga bookYoga Reading

There are hundreds of yoga books in print, so how do you figure out what is best? You don’t have to. I’ve got a couple of strong recommendations to help you buy the best hatha yoga books.

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