7 Steps To Avoid The Cold

Have you got the sniffles? Are those round you dropping like flies? Well, here’s your practical guide to stay healthy, avoid the cold, flu and other stuff you don’t want.

7 Steps To Avoid The ColdIt needn’t difficult, and here are 7 steps to follow.

1 Be Happy

Uugh? Yep, a positive outlook on life boosts your immune system. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to change your outlook on life.

2 Get Enough Rest

Overwork, not sleeping well, and burning the candle at both ends will increase your vulnerability to the nasties around you.

3 Get Outdoors

Many studies now show that colds and flu come as a result of vitamin D deficiency. Your body will make vitamin D when it is exposed to sunshine.

In fact, the reduction in exposure to sunlight during winter is one of the reasons people are more vulnerable to illness. If you are unwell, wrap up and get some sunshine on your face and as much skin as you can.

4 Supplement With Vitamin D

Around 5000 units (iu) per day seems to be a good recommendation for an adult male, although get guidance from your local health store. Vitamin D helps boost your immune system, and has been shown to be effective in treating everything from the common cold to cancer.

5 Increase Your Intake Of Sattvic Foods

Sattvic foods are basically foods that purify and support your body. These are easily digested, are best for your health, and keep your energy levels at their peak. List of Sattvic Foods  It’s also important to stay hydrated, and, no, that doesn’t mean an extra coffee.

6 Practice Pranayama Every Day

Yoga breathing helps oxygenate your body, and bacteria find it difficult to thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. If you do get a cold then kapalbhati pranayama is particularly recommended.

7 Invest In A Jala Neti Pot

This simple practice keeps the nasal passages clean and moist and it a great way of reducing the effects of sinusitis and congestion headaches. Find out more at jala net guide.
Following these 7 simple steps will give you a much greater chance of getting through the winter without a cold, and also escaping all of the jibes about man-flu(!). Your health will get a great boost , and you’ll be able to enjoy the winter months without reaching for the pharmaceuticals.

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