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Woman on bed - yoga and sex

Let’s Talk About Sex (And The Nature Of Consciousness)

Male popular culture is pretty much dominated by sex. “Heavy-breasted beer commercials” are just the start of it. Most guys, if completely honest, have a deep-seated response when confronted by sexual imagery. Have you ever found yourself flicking through the channels only to quickly switch back at the briefest flash of a naked breast or buttock? As young […]

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Fixing Erectile Dysfunction with Yoga

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga as a Natural Impotence Cure Fixing erectile dysfunction quickly with yoga can help cure stress and performance anxiety impotence, boosting your confidence and enhancing your relationships. It’s one of the worst feelings a man can have. You are with your partner and for whatever reason your penis isn’t doing what you want of it. […]

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Healthy relationships - Couple relaxing with drink

Healthy Relationships

Being “Right” vs Being Happy A while ago, my wife (who’s also a meditation teacher) and I were preparing to teach a weekend course covering the topic of Living Consciously in Relationships. It was interesting clarifying the points we wanted to cover and highlighted a few simple themes which can have a profound impact. I […]

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