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Ayurvedic System - herbal preparation

Three Essential Ayurvedic Herbs

I recently came across this video and found it very interesting.  In it Ayurvedic doctor John Douillard talks about the three most important Ayurvedic herbs and the impact of stress on the body. The Three Essential Ayurvedic Herbs are Ashwagandha which promotes health and vitality Triphala which help with colon health (you can also check out […]

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DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga – From Professional Wrestler To Yoga Teacher

DDP Yoga is a powerful, intense cardio workout based around yoga moves. It’s not everyone’s favorite, particularly with the colorful front-man Diamond Dallas Page, but it certainly gets results, as you can see from the amazing video below. DDP Yoga is named after Diamond Dallas Page, an ex-professional wrestler who after years of punishment ended […]

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Yoga For Seniors (video)

Turning Back The Clock With Yoga Yoga for seniors? All of our bodies show signs of ageing as the years progress. Hairlines recede, gravity seems to get stronger(!), and it seems that little-by-little things function less efficiently. Whilst some of this may be unavoidable, yoga can help you reverse some of these symptoms and help you maintain what […]

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Yoga For Men

Sport And Yoga

Sport and Yoga – Better Performance, More Stamina, Quicker Recovery Sport and yoga isn’t a new combination. In ancient India yoga was used by the greatest exponents of the physical arts to increase energy and performance and to achieve the mental focus and awareness necessary to perform at the highest level. If you perform sports […]

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Bow Pose - Dhanurasana - Yoga Positions Guide

Yoga Is Best Workout For Men

Yoga Is One Of The Best Workouts For Men declares TV host TV host Will Gilbert, of the popular Rhode Show on WRPI-TV recently tried yoga and declared it one of the best workouts for men – even more effective than going to the gym. Working with Kelly O’Connell the owner of local studio, Yoga […]

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Norseman Xtreme Triathlon (video)

I came across this video recently, and although it’s not about yoga I really wanted to share it with readers.  It’s about the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, one of the fiercest triathlon events. It takes place every year in Norway and begins with jumping off a ferry into a fjord, a gruelling cycle ride, and ends […]

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