Yoga Is Best Workout For Men

Yoga Is One Of The Best Workouts For Men declares TV host

TV host Will Gilbert, of the popular Rhode Show on WRPI-TV recently tried yoga and declared it one of the best workouts for men – even more effective than going to the gym.

Working with Kelly O’Connell the owner of local studio, Yoga One, Will was put through his paces.

One of the guys at taking the class says

“I was having back problems and I wasn’t feeling that great, and I started doing yoga just to increase my flexibility and it really helped out. I really don’t have much back problems anymore, and my shoulders are really loose. It’s been great.”

Kelly O’Connell says, “I think all the yoga postures are good for both men and women. Some of the yoga postures are good for specific tightness that men will have. Like men that have shoulder tightness, there are certain postures for that.”

She adds, “I would think men would like to go to a yoga class with a lot of women. No, there is no reason for guys to be intimidated. I know I’ve heard that before that men can tend to be intimidated when they go to yoga class, but I mean we really like to just try to make sure everybody feels welcome here, and they shouldn’t be intimidated at all.”

Check out the video…


Yoga: One of the best workouts for men:



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