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DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga – From Professional Wrestler To Yoga Teacher

DDP Yoga is a powerful, intense cardio workout based around yoga moves. It’s not everyone’s favorite, particularly with the colorful front-man Diamond Dallas Page, but it certainly gets results, as you can see from the amazing video below. DDP Yoga is named after Diamond Dallas Page, an ex-professional wrestler who after years of punishment ended […]

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Yoga for Tennis

Yoga For Tennis

Mastering The Fuzzy Green Ball Yoga for tennis? Perhaps in no other sport is the combination of absolute strength, speed, flexibility and mental acuity so intertwined as it is in tennis. Long noted as a game of physical prowess and mental focus, tennis is played by millions. Of those, more and more are looking at […]

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Runners Yoga program review

Review of Yoga For Runners

Yoga for Runners – a Review of the Runners Yoga Program If you have been looking for a yoga for runners routine, or for any other sport for that matter, then the Runners Yoga program (opens new window) developed by Canadian yoga teacher Van Clayton Powel might be just the thing for you. I always keep […]

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Yoga for Golf

Yoga For Golf

Yoga for Golf – The Golfers’ Perfect Training System Yoga for golf is like spinach for Popeye – it adds punch to your game! I play a couple of times per week and know how powerfully my yoga practice impacts on my golf. Yoga for Golfers – Why Bother? Golfers will spend countless hours at […]

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Yoga For Men

Sport And Yoga

Sport and Yoga – Better Performance, More Stamina, Quicker Recovery Sport and yoga isn’t a new combination. In ancient India yoga was used by the greatest exponents of the physical arts to increase energy and performance and to achieve the mental focus and awareness necessary to perform at the highest level. If you perform sports […]

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Norseman Xtreme Triathlon (video)

I came across this video recently, and although it’s not about yoga I really wanted to share it with readers.  It’s about the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, one of the fiercest triathlon events. It takes place every year in Norway and begins with jumping off a ferry into a fjord, a gruelling cycle ride, and ends […]

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