Yoga For Golf

Yoga for Golf –

The Golfers’ Perfect Training System

Yoga for golf is like spinach for Popeye – it adds punch to your game! I play a couple of times per week and know how powerfully my yoga practice impacts on my golf.

Yoga for GolfYoga for Golfers – Why Bother?

Golfers will spend countless hours at the range, pounding balls into the distance in the hope it will improve their game. Yet using some of those hours to practice yoga may be a better use of your time.

Some of the benefits I see are;

  • Extra yards, and more power
  • Better mental focus
  • Better balance and rhythm
  • Consistent energy over 18 holes
  • Quicker recovery and fewer injuries

The full golf swing is at its best a mixture of rhythm, grace and explosive power. Regular practice of yoga helps with all of these.

Half-Spinal Twist pose gives you a greater turn, enabling you a longer backswing and follow-through.

Kakasana helps strengthen your wrists, and if you release at impact you will discover the extra power that can be gained with powerful wrists.

Forward Bend helps relieve tension in the hamstrings, and regular practice of this pose helps remove tightness in the back of the body giving much greater overall flexibility. It also helps extend the reach of the arms which can contribute to increased club-head speed, giving you greater yardage.

These are just three easy stretches that can help, but for maximum benefit I would suggest following a simple but comprehensive yoga routine. Check out the free yoga video for a nice 60 minute routine, or if you prefer something more compact then it might be worth buying the Runners Yoga program which last 30 minutes (review of yoga for runners).

The Mental Side of Golf

It becomes very obvious very quickly to any golfer that the mental side of the game is extremely important. The ability to stay focused and to play one shot at a time can be the difference between a great round and a disappointing or frustrating one.

Regular practice of yoga and meditation helps calm the wandering mind, and gives you tools to stay present and have the chance to play your best golf. Please feel free to check out some of the golf mental game articles I have written at

Yoga for Golf – Helping You Last The Distance

Compared to many sports golf doesn’t look like it requires much strength or stamina. The reality is very different – golf can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

I find it fascinating just how much a round can take out of you. When I first started playing golf I realized that after 13 or 14 holes my scores would dip. My yardages were shorter, silly putts would get missed, and I felt increasingly fatigued.

Doing yoga regularly has turned this around. I am as mentally sharp on the 18th tee as the 1st. Physically I can now last the distance.

If tiredness is a problem make sure you are eating properly and regularly during your round. Eat something at every third hole, and take a drink at every tee box. Staying hydrated and nourished will make a big difference to your stamina levels.

Practicing yoga breathing is another way to stay energized on the golf course. These techniques help boost the amount of oxygen in your blood which is crucial for athletic performance. Doing kapalbhati pranayama as you go through your round, for example, will bring an immediate improvement to your energy levels.

Yoga for Golf -Summary

It’s no surprise that many golfers are now turning to yoga and meditation practice. It’s one of the most effective, low-impact ways of maintaining physical and mental fitness.

If you want lower scores, more fun on the course and the ability to play for years to come then yoga has much to commend it. The other health benefits of yoga also make it a good reason to get yourself onto a yoga mat.

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