Easy Meditation Techniques

Quickly Reduce Stress and Experience Inner Peace

Easy meditation techniques help keep things simple in a world that seems to love things that are over-complicated. This meditation guide will show you that it’s easier than you think to experience peace of mind. By following the simple meditation instructions you can let go of stress, anxiety and all of the associated health problems.

easy meditation techniquesThe benefits of meditation will flow quickly through regular practice.

The simple meditation practices here will bring awareness to the unconscious mental and behaviour patterns that can reduce your enjoyment of life. With awareness comes the ability to make different choices.

These easy meditation techniques do not require you to adopt any particular position. Simply get yourself comfortable in your favourite chair.

Easy Meditation Techniques

The Watching The Mind technique was something I first learned in 1993 whilst on an Ishayas’ Ascension meditation retreat and it really had a big impact on me. I love sharing it and it’s really simple. So, here are the meditation instructions.

  • Close your eyes and watch the thoughts that come and go, and mentally count them.
  • Every time you become aware of a thought, or you notice a sound or body sensation give it a number. 1, 2, 3 etc.
  • After about a minute open your eyes. How many did you count?
  • The number isn’t actually that important, but what you may have noticed is that there was you and then there were your thoughts. So what that shows is that you are not your thoughts.
  • It’s only the identification with the contents of the mind that creates pain. Think a sad thought, you feel sad. Resist a particular thought, you feel resistance and contraction.

Thoughts Are Not The Problem!

It’s our relationship with thoughts that determines how we live our lives, not the thoughts themselves. We’ve mostly lived like puppets to our thoughts and emotions – and there’s no need to continue with that.

The next part of this technique is cool.

  • All you do now is close your eyes and watch. That’s it, just let things come and go, without any preference or interference from you.
  • You’re doing this with no goal, not trying to get anywhere, or to discover anything, or have a particular experience. Simply, innocently.
  • At any time you notice that you are getting caught up in the content of your awareness then simply start counting again for a short while, then stop counting and continue to watch.
  • Do this for 20 minutes. Doing it before breakfast, before dinner and before bed is a good routine to get into.

As simple as this is, don’t underestimate just how powerful this can be. You will begin to really see how your mind undermines you, and how empowering it is to not live free from it’s limitations.

Regular practice of this also has another, even greater benefit. As we realize that “I am not my thoughts“, then the quest begins to answer one of the best ever questions, “Who am I?” The answer lies in exploring that which doesn’t come and go, that part of awareness that simply is.

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