Yoga For Back Pain

Try yoga for back pain and not only can you throw the pills away but you’ll have much more mobility and fun.

Yoga for Back Pain

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Back pain is the scourge of modern life. More than 80% of us experience chronic back pain at some time or other. Our lifestyles don’t help. We spend hours sitting, in the car, at work, at home.

When we eventually do some exercise it’s such a shock to our spine and back muscles we spend the next day in agony and reaching for the anti-inflammatory tablets.

Back pain can be a real misery too, and limits what we can do. The days of our soft and supple spine can seem like a distant memory.

Modern medicine doesn’t really offer much hope, unless you consider a lifetime of popping pills and operations something to look forward to.

Thank Goodness For Yoga!

Millions of people around the world can attest to the benefits of yoga for back pain.

Now, if things are chronic for you then you need to begin with care, and I would suggest under the watchful eye of a qualified yoga teacher, but beginning is important. Your back pain is not going to get any better without some effort on your part.

If you suffer from mild to moderate pain and discomfort then you can expect relief even quicker.

How Yoga Poses Help Back Pain

Yoga postures completely stretch and reinvigorate the muscles and connective tissue of the spine, allowing toxins and tightness to be released, and fresh, nourishing, oxygen-rich blood and vital energy to flow in.

The beauty of a good yoga routine is that it bends the spine forwards, backwards, to the left and to the right, and gently twists it in each direction. Consistently doing this begins to ease things up, reduces inflammation and pain, and allows your back and abdominal muscles to develop the strength to support your spine.

If you’re a complete novice then I would suggest checking out the yoga positions for beginners page for a balanced routine that will get you started, although observe caution if you have serious back problems.

Yoga also helps correct posture problems and this in turn reduces the imbalances that can place stress upon the spine.

Yoga For Back Pain – Helping Reduce Stress

One other great benefit of starting yoga for back pain is that your stress levels will drop dramatically, and often times you will have back and neck pain because of tension. This can become a vicious circle. You suffer stress, your back gets tight, this tension builds and gets you more stressed, and so on.

Pretty quickly, though, you can begin to create another spiral, where you experience less stress, your back muscles loosen, you get more relaxed, and so on.

And it doesn’t take much time to start to feel these benefits, but it’s important that you don’t delay and actually do something about it. You might surprise yourself just how gracefully things can change and how quickly you can drop the painkillers. So yoga for back pain is absolutely worth getting started on.

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