Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Training Certification Guide

Looking to become a yoga teacher? Our guide helps you choose the correct yoga teacher training certification route for you.

If you become a yoga instructor you have found a great way to share your passion and to help other. It’s also helps deepen your understanding of this ancient science and to develop your personal practice.

Become A Yoga TeacherMy very first experience of teaching yoga was on a 5 month retreat in the mountains of Greece in 2003. I loved it! It amazed me to see the progress that people made quickly, and I appreciated what a privilege it was assisting them to greater health and harmony. I deepened my studies and developed sequences that would give people what they wanted, but also included fresh asanas and pranayamas to keep things fun and interesting.

Even now at my weekly yoga classes I love how a class develops a life of its own depending on who shows up and how the vibe feels. It’s always a fresh experience.

“Why Do I Want To Become a Yoga Teacher?”

This is the most important question you can ask yourself. There are a huge variety of yoga teacher training courses available each with their own emphasis. So get clear with yourself about what motivates you, and what you want to learn.

Do you want to approach yoga as a business? Do you primarily want to develop your own knowledge? Do you want to be a part of a worldwide school, or a smaller grouping? Is there a particular teacher you resonate with?

By identifying some of the skills you need you will get clearer on what you are looking to be taught. Some schools, for example, will spend part of the course teaching you marketing skills. This may or may not be important to you but it is good to be clear before embarking on your yoga teacher training course.

Study anywhere in the world

Nowadays you can become a yoga teacher anywhere in the world. There are yoga teacher training schools in many countries and you can now even take yoga teacher training online thanks to the internet.

It’s worth going online and checking out what the various yoga teacher training schools have to offer (and where).

You could travel to India, for example, to experience yoga in its historic setting. Many schools in India offer training in a very traditional manner with a solid grounding in the philosophical roots of yoga. Many of these are very reasonably priced and the major part of your investment may be in your airfare.  Check out this school in Rishikesh, India – click here

There are also many large organisations offering yoga teacher training certification. One of the largest, the Sivananda organisation has classes throughout the world in a number of languages. Check them out here

On your search, however, don’t overlook classes offered by independent yoga teachers. In this way you may find that you develop a closer relationship with your teacher.

What To Look For In A Yoga Teacher Training Course

When investigating be sure to check for testimonials from graduates. Did they enjoy the training? Was it comprehensive? Are they now successfully teaching classes?

What level of on-going support does the school/teacher offer (if any)? Many questions will arise once you start teaching so is there someone for you to turn to for advice?

How much does it cost? Some courses run over a long period (perhaps one weekend per month for two years) so take time to add up all the costs involved. If it is a residential class (normally three or four weeks) is it an all-inclusive price? Do you feel you are getting value?

Be honest with yourself as you ask these questions, and walk away from any school or teacher that is unwilling to answer your questions in an open manner.

When you do finally become a yoga teacher the time you took to find the right school will have been well used.

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