Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra Pose Yoga

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) is terrific for backache, and also offers a great stretch to the front of the body, through the legs, abdomen, chest and throat. Circulation is improved, particularly in the spinal area, and also in the genital area. It has been shown to stimulate the kidneys and liver. This asana also helps develop focus and concentration.

Cobra Pose – How To

1 Lay face down with forehead touching the ground. Bring your hands, palms down, under your shoulders, with fingers pointing forwards.

2 On an inhalation, raise your head, neck, shoulders, and then engage your arms and slowly bring your upper body up. Look upwards with nice, steady breathing, gently gazing at a point, or between your eyebrows.

3 Relax your shoulders, making sure they are not up by your ears, but are low.

4 Remember, don’t strain. Your arms may or may not be straight. If you find this pose difficult try placing your hands 5 or 6 inches in front of your hands at the beginning as this will reduce the intensity of the backward bend.

5 Come down easily and with control from this pose. Place one of your cheeks on the floor, hands by your side (palms up), and rest for a few moments.

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