Yoga Types

With so many different yoga types is can be a bit bewildering. When you decide to embark on your yoga journey an enormous variety of names and styles of yoga are thrust in front of you. Hatha yoga, Shivananda, Iyengar, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Astanga…

Although the names are different most styles of yoga use the same postures. The order and emphasis may differ but you will find a lot of commonality within the types of yoga.

Different Yoga Types

What we’re looking at here are hatha yoga styles. Hatha yoga is what we in the West generally think of as yoga – the yoga of postures, the physical side of things. As you will be finding out through this site, though, yoga is much more than just stretching your body. But you may find that having a good core hatha yoga practice is an important part of your daily routine or sadhana (spiritual practice).

The best thing to do is to read through our handy guide, identify two types that most interest you, and then find a local yoga class. Try each style for two or three sessions and then it would be best to commit to one style for a period of time.

Different Hatha Yoga Types

Sivananda Yoga

A gentle, balancing style of yoga which provides a terrific all-round workout.

Iyengar Yoga

Hatha yoga with an emphasis on precision and depth within each position.

Astanga Yoga

A vigorous, flowing routine, with the breath playing a hugely important role.

Bikram Yoga

The ultimate “hot” yoga class. With 105f of heat and 40% humidity, prepare to sweat it all out.

Bryan Kest Power Yoga

Challenge yourself and build awareness. California’s Bryan Kest offers various levels of intensity with terrific results.

Yin Yoga

Passive, long-held stretches to stimulate the connective tissue.

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