Yoga Mudra Asana

(Variation to Improve Digestion)

This variation of Yoga Mudra asana helps stimulate the nerves and muscles along the spine and is great for back pain. It also does wonders for the digestive system and sexual vigour.

By restricting the flow of blood through the use of the fists, pressure builds. This pressure is released with the fists and a strengthened flow of blood helps dislodge and wash away impurities and help with circulation.

This posture also helps reduce arrogance and increases humility.

Yoga mudra (variation for digestion) – How To

1 Sit on the floor with your legs in a comfortable cross-legged position.

2 Make two fists with your hands, bring the knuckles together and press the fists against your tummy, just below the navel.

3 On an exhalation slowly bend forward from the hips and bring your head towards the floor, feeling the pressure building against the fists.

4 Breathe deeply and evenly for a comfortable period then slowly bring your head and back to an upright position.

5 Release your hands and sit for a moment with eyes closed.


If you have a slipped disc or sciatica, do not perform this asana.

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