Laughing Yoga

It Really is the Best Medicine

Laughing yoga brings a welcome lightness to the over-seriousness of some yoga practice. And it brings huge health benefits too.

In the early days of my yoga and spiritual life I was quite earnest, and there wasn’t much room for fun and playfulness. After all, yoga and meditation is a serious business. Right?

Laughter YogaWell, wrong, actually! Awakening to who you are and living fully in the present moment brings us wonder, openness and happiness (that’s my experience, anyway).

I remember seeing a postcard with a quote from Buddha, “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” There is a huge amount of wisdom in that. We’re so often focussed on trying to get somewhere in life that we forget that our life is actually happening right now, that it’s to be enjoyed. Right here and now.

Benefits of Laughter

The benefits of laughter are amazing. Laughter releases endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers and help give us a feeling of well-being. It also produces activity in the body which helps fight viruses and rogue cells. There is now considerable research being done into whether laughter can help the body cure cancer and other diseases.

It boosts our immune system, helping increase our resistance against infections. It also gives the heart a good workout as the flow of blood is increased.

And it feels great too!

Laughter Yoga

Generally attributed to Dr. Madhuri Kataria it began in the 1990s in India and has now grown to become a worldwide phenomenon. In cities around the world groups meet at parks and train stations to begin their day with laughing yoga sessions.

You can check out his website and find out if there is a group near you.

One of the great things about having a good laugh is that it breaks down the “me” and helps bring people together. It helps us put things in perspective and not take ourselves too seriously.

So if you want to boost your physical and mental health then start laughing. You can do it even without something to laugh at – honestly, give it a try. Or get online and watch a handful of comedy shows.

After all, life is to be enjoyed!

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